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How may times have you been all dressed and set to step out and that one last look in the mirror made you feel, some thing is amiss. You browse through your closet amongst the array of dainty cloth pieces in sheer, fluid, colorful, embroidered variety, pick one up throw it around your neck in your own style and Voila … what a transformation. Those little pieces of cloth, the STOLES have a magical property of transforming any apparel into a style statement piece due to their sheer versatility of usage and a size that allows experimentation in design and fabric. Little do we know that the now popular, stoles or Dupattas, Chunar ,Uttariya has a deep rooted evolution lineage from our Indian heritage of clothing . It’s so seamlessly flown into today’s modern era of style, that we barely realized its evolution.My intrigue led me to find the interesting origin story.Read More
11/14/2016 7:00 PM By IndiTatva Team Stoles, dupatta, indian, handloom, silk, Uttariya, pashmina, woven,
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8/13/2016 6:09 PM By Hardik pansuriya test,