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Our Story: IndiTatva is born out of two individuals immense pride in their Indian roots and the rich Indian heritage. India with its diverse culture and geographies has a rich repertoire of artistry forms from hand-woven textiles arts to handicrafts and distinct styles of art. We on our travel expeditions across India used to bring the most intrinsic of the craft / piece of art or even textile from the local people and preserve it as an essence of the place. It’s after one such expedition we realised how that piece of craft embodies the true essence of that place and people. Typically behind every handicraft or handloom, is a passionate involvement of the entire family of the artisan and this slow paced human involvement makes each of the craft exclusive, embodying a true sense of time taken luxury. This essence is what lead us to create INDITATVA meaning the essence of true India where we could bring to you the treasures that are quintessentially Indian, made with love and skills and passed from generation to generation while curating them to match theEclectic style of Urban you yet retaining its mool(core)tatva(essence)

Our endeavour at IndiTatva will be to unearth the stories and culture behind the crafts, connect and work with the artisans giving them recognition and imbibe a sense of pride in them for being a part of this movement of creating exclusive yet sustainable works of art, textile and crafts.